Sunrise Township

SSD CenturyLink Internet

Sunrise Township is the Award Winner of the Minnesota Local Government Innovation Award. Click here, for more information or visit their website.

Resolution Accepting the Terms of the Grant Contract

Notice of Public Hearing to Establish a Subordinate Service District and Business Subsidy Criteria

Letter to Residents

Resolution to Create a High Speed Internet Subordinate Service District

Resolution Adopting a Criteria for The Granting of Business Subsidies

Resolution Providing for the Sale of $625,000 Taxable General Obligation Subordinate Service District Bonds

Fiber Cost Information
Residents who choose to purchase new fiber-optic-cable-based service from CenturyLink may be asked to cover a portion of  the cost to bury a small fiber cable on their private property, typically along the driveway. CenturyLink will pay the first $1250 of the actual cost. That might or might not cover the full cost. If your driveway is long, then you will be asked to cover the actual cost in excess of $1250. Thank you for the opportunity to provide service.

Kirstin Sersland
Director, Local Government Affairs

Petition for Subordinate Service District
Click here to download Petition
Property Owners in Century Link Service Area